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22.09.2014   Borsan's storm on sea
Borsan Grup Dragon Boat Team has won the Federation Cup in Istanbul Turkish Championship and has become the Champion of Turkey. Sportsmen that showed themselves on Championship are going to represent Turkey in European Championship.

First day Federation cup
On the Dragon Boat Turkey Championship that was held in Istanbul, Borsan Grup Dragon Boat Team has showed themselves very well. On first day Federation Cup races were organized, where 60 teams from different provinces of Turkey took their place in races. Borsan Grup Dragon Boat Team has won the Federation Cup passing the finishing line in 58 seconds.

Championship and record
On the second day of races the Turkey Championship was organized. Chairman of Borsan Group Mr. Adnan ÖLMEZ and Vice President Mr. Ahmet ŞENOCAK were watching race where Borsan Grup Dragon Boat Team has come to finish in 55 seconds. This result brought Turkish Champion title to the team and has beat a record.

Adnan Ölmez Congratulated
Borsan Grup Dragon Boat Team’s captains Zafer Benli and Naci İmamoğlu returned their thanks for sponsoring to Borsan Group and for opportunity to win Cups and participate to European Championships. Chairman of Borsan Group Adnan Ölmez has congratulated the team with the Championship and noted that Borsan Group will always support sport and sprortsmen & sportswomen.

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