Human Resources

Social Responsibility Principles

As a sign of the value given to human beings, Borsan Group considers social responsibility awareness as the main and unchangeable principle of its manner of rule. Our target is to establish sustainable growth by fulfilling our responsibilities to environment and society. In this regard, we are attentive to undertake our social and environmental responsibilities to society, in cooperation with our employees, business partners, public and non-governmental organizations in all territories where we operate.
ethical principles in Borsan Group, adopted within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibilities, are accepted as the business manner guide to all our group companies.

responsibilities to employees
• While employing, we base on our employees’ business competence; we don’t differentiate people according to their language, religion, sectarian, political view, age, sex, social class, civil status and physical disabilities.
• We offer all our employees, salaries and social rights that are determined according to regulations.
• Working age is limited as it is in regulations and we don’t allow or support child employment.
• We don’t create pressure over our employees. We pay attention to offer equal conditions to all our employees and make them work in suitable positions with their own wills.
• We believe our employees are the most important source of our business. We show the required effort for their personal development, and contribute to their continuous development by offering internal and external training facilities.
• We offer a well-equipped, healthy, safe, positive and agreeable working atmosphere to our employees.
• We meet all legal requirements for their occupational health and safety, take all necessary precautions to prevent health and security risks and give trainings to prevent occupational accidents.

Responsibilities to Nature and Environment
• We determine environment friendly policies and standards to protect the nature and prevent environmental pollution, and increase our employees’ awareness in this regard. We handle all environmental effects that may arise in our activities with a sense of responsibility; we determine and enforce amelioration and development Works to minimize the environmental effects. We provide support any kind of initiative which will enable environment friendly Technologies get developed and environmental awareness get increased.
• We work to increase the standard of living for our employees and people living around us, participate in social projects, spare time, energy and financial sources for them.

Customer Responsibilities
• We prioritize customer satisfaction; act in accordance with the changing market and customer conditions, and adopt ourselves to new conditions.
• We work to meet our customers’ needs and demands in the most appropriate way and at the shortest possible; provide services on time and in the promised conditions. We approach our customers with respect, equality and kindness.
• We act in accordance with national and international standards; always work to offer the best for our customers.

Legal Responsibilities
We act responsibly to existing laws and regulations in Turkey and in other countries where we operate; to traditions and cultures, act in accordance with all legal arrangements, continue operating in compliance with our customers’ and business partners’ rules and quality management systems.

Social Responsibilities
• We don’t limit our social responsibility by our business activities and their effects; we take notice of the best for our society and work accordingly.
• We believe the best investment is the investment in human being and work to increase the educational level of the young population living in our country.
• We support educational and cultural activities that may contribute to our national progress and development, also to make our cultural wealth live.

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