Human Resources

Chairman of Message

Esteemed Employees, Customers, Business Partners;
We are feeling the joy of investing in many different sectors, achieving a great success from all our investments and also writing an important existential story for more than 30 years. We have achieved all thanks to our profitability, diligence, energy, business ethics and respect to ethical values.

From now onward, we will continue creating new values and growing together with our employes, customers and business partners by making no concessions to these principles.
We constantly continue investing in our existing companies and working on capacity increase. With the important investments achieved in 2013, we have increased the capacity in Borsan by 30%, Yılka Cable by 45%, Borpanel Furniture by 50%. These recent investments enabled us to revise our group turnover determined to be 500 million for 2014 as 550 million.

I would like to thank all our employees, business partners and customers who
believed in us.

Chairman of the Board

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