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Safiye Ölmez Cultural Center for Women, which was built with the contributions of Ölmez family, was completed in 19 Mayıs county of Samsun.
19 Mayıs Municipality Safiye Ölmez Cultural Center for Women , which was named after the mother of Adnan Ölmez, Chairman of the Board of Borsan Group, and Ahmet Ölmez, vice chairman of the executive board, was opened.
With the green area around it, there will be small scale conferences, monthly periodic meetings and seminars about issues of women, courses toward production, organizations for marketing, small scale sports activities, bazaars, workshops about home culture and housekeeping cooking being in the first place the center, which was projected in order to allow social, cultural, economical and sportive activities take place. Some part of the green area around Culture Center for Women will be utilized as recreation garden and hobby garden.

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