Human Resources

Environmental Policy

As Borsan Group, our main principle in all our business segments is to establish economic and social development through “sustainable growth”, protect natural resources and apply projects that have the least negative effects on environment. In accordance with this, we undertake the environmental responsibility of our products and services by considering their effects on environment, determines targets in regard to the usage of natural resources and apply them.
• We determine and apply our environmental standards in accordance with the legal regulations.

• We determine and manage environmental risks.

• We continuously improve environmental and energy management systems.

• We try to apply the best production techniques. We provide energy efficient products and services during production and all other processes.

• We work for minimizing the wastes, preventing pollution, using energy efficiently and minimizing the negative effects of our activities on environment.

• We establish that energy and goods are used efficiently and we develop our energy performance continuously.

• To create environmental awareness, we offer trainings for our employees, business partners and public.

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