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Borpanel, which is the group’s company that has been active in the furniture sector since 2007, turns wood into high quality products.
Doors, modular kitchens and bathrooms that are created from 100% natural solid wood, are the indispensible brand of comfortable houses, business centers, hospitals, hotels and other prestigious construction projects.

Borpanel products, which are exported to 11 countries, are created in the factory that has a 20.000 square meter indoor area and wood is turned into unique designs with an expert staff and latest technological applications.
Manufacturing in Borpanel is done on 5 main lines-solid panel, door, varnish, montage and packaging- via computer controlled CNC machines.
All raw materials and accessories are picked meticulously and in accordance with international standards and E1 norms. In order for the products to last a lifetime, wood is heated in 500 cubic meter drying ovens. With this application, humidity rate is minimized and fuel for the process is provided by recycling waste material into vapor energy. This proves once again that Borpanel respects and protects the environment.

Products that are carefully designed with R&D applications are molded to perfection with an automated measuring system. After the strapping of the sides and opening of the other details, it is time for the assembly. Products, which are sanded, painted and dried after various other applications done with high technology CNC machines, are kept in 30 degree ovens for four hours. Products which are then packaged with a special packaging system are sent to their final destinations in accordance with the order number.


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