Human Resources


YILKA cable, which is Turkey’s second biggest aluminum cable manufacturer, was added to the group at the end of 2013.

The company, which realizes its production in its factory in Istanbul that has a 16000 square meter indoor and 14000 square meter outdoor area, exports 55% of its products.
YILKA cable, which has a 2000 ton smelting capacity per month, has 2 smelting mines each with 20 tons of capacity.

YILKA cable manufactures rods, aluminum underground energy cables, insulated and un-insulated line cables, full aluminum conductors, steel based aluminum conductors, aluminum wire and PVC in its factory adorned with the latest technological equipments.

YILKA cable obeys all laws, regulations and customer policies in order to become a competitive company and leave a cleaner and better world for future generations; it works to preserve natural resources, raw materials and energy and creates awareness regarding the environment among its employees through continuous workshops and training programs.


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