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Haber Media Group is a great Local Media Group, with HABER NEWSPAPER, one of the top 3 most read and best selling local newspapers in Turkey, the top internet site, HABER RADYO, the most heard local radio, HABERHAYAT MAGAZINE with its content and print quality, HABER ADVERTISING AGENCY, which targets customer satisfaction with solution oriented strategies by making best use of the visual design tools and its TELEVISION in the very near future.

Being the first and only satellite channel of Samsun, AKS TV can be watched in 4 continents, and almost 100 countries via TURKSAT 4A. Two third of world population is under the coverage zone of AKS TV. AKS TV can be watched in D-Smart Channel 155, Tele Dunya Channel 131, also via iphones, ipads and all android applications.
To ensure the best broadcasting experience, Haberaks TV uses state-of-the-art technology and broadcasting equipments, adopts a true, objective broadcasting attitude, has principles and a professional team. Haberaks TV transfers the agenda of Samsun, Black Sea, Turkey and the World to its audience via live news broadcasted all day long, experienced guests and actual programmes.
Also owning a live broadcasting vehicle, the best equipped vehicle of its class, Haberaks TV meets its audience via live programmes.


Haber Newspaper, established in 2005, is the best selling local newspaper with its news center infrastructure and expert personnel. Being one of the pioneering institutions in this field with its 16 unit web print technology, has a credible place in the sector due to its experienced personnel. Including mainstream newspapers, it is the newspaper with the highest circulation and sales rate in Samsun by far. It is one of the three local newspapers with the highest circulation.

It provides service to the readers over web site.


Samsun Haber Radio, with its motto of “True news, quality music”, broadcasts over FM band 103.5 frequency. With its much better technological infrastructure, sound and broadcast power than any other radios, has reached the top in a very short time with its experienced broadcast team and has shown its difference in the region.

Samsun Haber Radio, which acts within quality and principled broadcasting notion since the very first day of its broadcast, shows its difference with the health, politics, sports, entertainment, music and news programs it has planned and leads many projects.

With its ongoing webcast through, Samsun News Radio can also be listened on cellular phones and iphone applications.


HaberHayat causes and addiction for its readers with its news about life, city, culture, health, beauty, fashion, astrology, social life and much more. Everything about the people of Samsun and Black Sea region appears in HaberHayat.

Monthly HaberHayat is the single magazine which is the favorite of the women, business world and social life in Samsun and Black Sea region, who can make updates with the events both in Samsun and in Turkey with the World without any need for another magazine.


Haber Advertising Agency generates correct and productive solutions with relevant cost through combination of creativity and an experienced professional understanding. The Agency works with you and for you by optimizing visual design tools for your recognition by your customer group, differentiating you from your competitors and making you be remembered as the ultimate choice.

The Agency helps you to show your differences, increasing your brand value and peaking your image through reinforcing the appropriation principle with the feeling of trust and by adding new brands, new details and colors to the lives of the people.

With its solution oriented strategies, Haber Advertising Agency lives the same thrill and the same passion with you by treasuring your satisfaction the most.

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